Who We Are

Tutu & Tulle is more than just a brand; it's a youth-led community organization expanding horizons for talented girls.

From class tuition to the oh-so-dreaded price of pointe shoes (almost $100 a pair!), we recognize that the cost of ballet is a real impediment to success for many young dancers. That's why, by donating 100% of our proceeds toward expanding the development of quality dance education in the Miami area, we're helping make ballet accessible to young girls everywhere in our local community. 

In addition to our online store, we bring our bracelets directly to the dance schools that need them most, offering them a lifeline of support for their community outreach and scholarship programs. 

Best of all, we're complementing our grassroots funding model with community-wide opportunities for peer mentorship and advocacy. By collaborating with the Miami-Dade County Youth Commission, we're actively working to connect high school peer mentors to aspiring ballerinas of all ages.

From Miami's ballet community, thank you for your purchase! 

Tutu & Tulle Is: A Life-Changing Scholarship

We're proudly supporting the expansion of scholarship programs at Armour Dance Theatre, Miami's oldest community conservatory, and Miami City Ballet School, among other community dance institutions.

The best part? Your purchase makes that happen.

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Tutu & Tulle Is: Mentorship

We mobilize accomplished high school artists to provide mentorship to young ballerinas.

Join Project DANCE, a partnership enacted with support from the Miami-Dade County Youth Commission.

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